Beyond Budgeting

These are the confirmed speakers on the Beyond Budgeting track.

Peter Bunce: The Leader’s Dilemma

How does the way we manage need to change to meet today’s challenges? The traditional “command and control” management model was never perfect. In an industrial age when suppliers could sell all their output to eager customers, business leaders could “plan and control” their way to the future. This model was already in trouble in the 1990s as customer loyalty collapsed in the wake of globalization, privatization and the Internet revolution. These increasing levels of uncertainty are here to stay.

This presentation is about rethinking how we manage organizations in a post-industrial, post-credit crunch world. Drawing on the work of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT) it will show how the 12 Beyond Budgeting principles provide the basis for building an empowered and adaptive organization that releases people from the burdens of stifling bureaucracy and suffocating control systems, trusting them with information and giving them time to reflect, share, learn and improve.

About:  Dr Peter Bunce is a co-founder and director of the Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT). BBRT is an independent international shared learning collaborative helping organizations to be more empowered and adaptive. His background is in manufacturing engineering.


Kajsen Hansson: Handelsbanken – Our Way

Founded in 1871, Handelsbanken is one of the leading banks in the Nordic region, with over 700 branches in 22 countries. It regards Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Great Britain as its domestic markets. The Handelsbanken management model is acknowledged by the BBRT as almost certainly the best ‘Beyond Budgeting’ exemplar in existence. This presentation will describe the principles and values of running a multinational bank through good and bad times. Handelsbanken has for decades been successful in applying a decentralized management model. The strong core values and beliefs are the Handelsbanken way to better banking.

About:  Kajsen Hansson is currently Branch Manager at Handelsbanken Vällingby, and has for the last nine years worked at Handelsbanken in many different positions. For one and a half years she worked at Handelsbanken’s branch in Shanghai and representative office in Beijing, just after the bank received its banking license in the People’s Republic of China. She has a Master of Science from the Stockholm School of Economics, and studied for one year at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.


Brian Hawkes: Driver-Based Forecasting and Performance Management

Foresite’s Brian Hawkes explains the practical application of driver-based rolling forecasts and performance analytics for realising sales targets and avoiding forecasting becoming an unachieved prediction or statement of aspiration. He explains how up to 95% of commercial activities are inadequately analysed in business reporting and reveals how getting the right information from the right place can be a rich source of analytics for business drivers, limiters and inputs; their impact on sales trajectory and the remedial capability to close forecast gaps. Whilst this information is critical for supporting performance management and financial control, it often does not warrant the complex BI or prescriptive SFA systems that have been the traditional solutions for so long and can distract management from the real issues in their business. Lean and agile systems are robust, easily understood and essential to establishing business forecasts and insights that are both provable and evidence-based.

About:  Brian Hawkes is a freelance CFO, a member of 3i’s CFO panel and founder of Foresite SPA. He has a long international career in finance specialising in rapid business growth and performance turnaround across many sectors ranging from food and beverage, through engineering and construction to oil and gas. Over 20 years Brian has developed several ‘Beyond Budgeting’ forecasting solutions culminating in the lean Foresite SPA driver-based forecasting and performance analytics applications that satisfy the need for evidence-based planning and provable performance metrics with impressive results.


Paul Gooderham: What Really Motivates Employees?

In this presentation Professor Paul Gooderham presents findings from two recent research projects that both address the issue of employee
motivation. The first project investigates the work-related values of graduating students at elite business schools in Scandinavia and North America. It addresses the issue of whether they are materialists or post-materialists. It also examines whether Americans are more materialistic than Scandinavians. The second paper asks the question, what governance mechanisms promote knowledge sharing in multinational companies? In particular it addresses the issue of whether bonuses are more motivating than collegial acknowledgment.

About:  Paul Gooderham is a Director of Research and Professor of International Management at NHH – The Norwegian School of Economics. In addition to books, he has published articles in many of the leading academic journals within his field including Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of International Business Studies, International Journal of Human Resource Management, Strategic Management Journal and Human Relations.